Drunk Gummies

Super Bowl is coming up and we are bringing......Drunk Gummy Bears!
I saw them over on Pinterest and thought they looked like a fun and easy thing to make for the game. They are VERY potent the post said because they actually soak up the vodka/alcohol you soak them in (Note the picture above...the one on the left is straight out of the bag, the one on the right has been soaked in vodka, the post said to soak them for a week but this picture was taken 12 hours after they started soaking.

To make pour your gummies into a tupperwear container so they form a single layer, pour vodka ( I used whipped cream flavored vodka) over them just so they are barely covered and let soak. They are delicious but a couple is like taking a straight shot of vodka so be careful.
Ahhh...takes me back to my irresponsible college days with jello shots.


Brie said...

I saw those too! add a tub of whipped cream to dip them in and I smell t-r-o-u-b-l-e!!

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