Earbud Circle Pouch

I made this cute earbud pouch for my purse since I am sick and tired of finding them in knots and having them wrap around everything and anything in my purse even when I put them in their nicely. It reminds me of the Portlandia knot skit

I love the cute little flower fabric I used on the inside.
Still need to get a key ring and then they are all done, so far they are working wonders at not only keeping the earphones tangle free but keeping them from working their way around everything else in my purse as well.

I am getting much more confident at putting zippers in, I used to be scared to even try and would try to use some other method of closure (velcro was my top pick) the trick is using the correct sewing machine foot

This is the one I used and it is a game changer.


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