Pharmacy Sweatshirt Upcycled

Like my Pillow? Well it came about from an unfortunate laundry accident!

Somehow bleach spilled on my pharmacy sweatshirt I have had forever as well as a couple of my running sweatshirts, needless to say I was upset and eventhough I couldn't wear this sweatshirt anymore (the stain was way worse on the back) I couldn't bear to get rid of it so I decided to make it into a throw pillow.

First I cut out the emblem and words on the front, which gave me a very small square of fabric so I also used the fabric I salvaged (minus the bleach stain) on the back to create the front of the pillow. I used some soft white Minky fabric to create a boarder on the front and the back. I used a zig zag stitch to sew the small square onto the large blue square and then that onto the front white fabric. I then sewed the front and back together (right sides facing) leaving an opening for turning and stuffing the pillow form in.

I had an ikea feather pillow form I wasn't using and stuffed that inside and then handstitched the opening closed.


Richard C. Lambert said...

It's the one thing none of us, even you ladies who don't wear any other make up, can't manage without !!try this

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