Quiet Book-Count the Strawberry Seeds & How to cut out images with iron on adhesive paper

This page was super easy....compared to many of the pages I made. It has puffy paint for the seeds to give it some texture and dimension.

I love iron on adhesive. There are several brands (Wonder Under, Heat N' Bond), I like Heat N' Bond and there are different "strengths" one is for sewing, which will "tack" your image in place until you can sew around it, it isn't a super strong hold so I wouldn't hold up to a lot of use or washing but it isn't as stiff when you are done. The Ultra Hold No sew bond creates a more permanent bond without the need for sewing, infact if you try to sew through fabric adhered with this product it can at times gunk up your needle so be careful and have some sewing oil or baby oil to wipe the needle clean and then vigorously wipe the oil off before continuing to sew!
Draw out the design you want or you can use an image from the internet or a coloring book page. I roughly drew what I wanted and then refined it when I cut it out but you don't have to cut out the image you can simply place it under the iron on adhesive and trace (You will want to trace on the paper-smooth side of the iron on adhesive)  or as I did here I placed it on top of the smooth side of the adhesive paper and traced around it.

Roughly cut around it, the trick is to not cut to close or the actual shape out until AFTER it is adhered to the felt/fabric

Iron on as directed by the package.  
Cut around your shapes to the lines. Peel off the paper backing revealing the adhesive that is stuck to the fabric/felt.

Place on the surface you want to adhere it to (Note: at this time you can freely move the pieces as the adhesive on the back is not sticky just shiny). Iron down for 30-60 seconds as directed on the package of Heat N' Bond or Wonder Under.


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