Car Playmat

This was definitely a labor of love. I was inspired to create this car playmat by Jill (over at Homemade by Jill) and my friend Brie (over at Two of a Kind)

I loved some of the building from Homemade by Jill like the gas station and the use of Rickrack for the train tracks but being from Oregon the palm trees, beach and stucco building and In N' Out Burger wouldn't work for us so I incorporated things we have around Oregon instead.

I painted the road on with black fabric paint and then sewed around the outside to make it look like appliqued fabric. It works really well and allows the cars to drive pretty fast on the surface making it more slick and smooth than the surrounding fabric.

Mount Hood, Crater Lake and a mushroom meadow.

Car wash with scrap leather trim. Mechanic shop and train station.

I drew the buildings or traced them from coloring book pages (ex. School house, cupcake shop, ice cream shop) then sized them on a copy machine. I then traced and labeled all of the pieces onto iron on adhesive then ironed them on to the appropriate fabric and then placed the pieces where I like them, fiddled around and then ironed them on. The thing that helped with this the most was an ironing mat so I could iron the pieces on the carpet and see everything layed out and not disturbed. After everything was ironed on I zig zag stitched around everything, and I mean everything. I didn't want any of the pieces to fall off during use or when it was washed.   

Our house, similar color scheme. I purchased a pine tree machine embroidery pattern to embroider all over the quilt. I was going to find pine tree patches to iron on but they don't seem to exist.

Cupcake and toy shop. I machine embroidered all of the signs for the businesses.

School house with swings and teeter totter. I used a star sewing pattern on my machine to stitch stars onto the blue of the flag.

Farm complete with apple and cherry trees and sunflowers.

Gas station with a hair tie cut open for the pump (this is a fav on the mat-I think Karsyn is working for the oil companies with as much gas as she puts into her cars)

McDonald's-Thanks Mom for Embroidering the M on it for me.

I bound the quilt (sewed the front to the back) by zigzag stitching around the outside perimeter of the road. I figured that would be enough to keep it from bunching up in the washer and looking pretty.

I sewed a zipper topped bag lined with the cute mushroom fabric I made to the side of the blanket to hold all of the cars and trucks (I sewed the bottom of the bag into the binding of the quilt 

The backing is a durable corduroy in the fun abstract tree pattern (the trees have brown, orange, and pink dots) I layered the top of the quilt then a layer of batting then a layer of waterproof material (so it could be used outside on the grass or at a park) then the corduroy material. I added gromets to the corners so it could be staked down as well

Pet shop (I used a cute bird pattern fabric for the window)

Alma Mater-OSU with orange flower print fabric and Black embroidered letters. It is suppost to kind of look like the Memorial Union building and all of the buildings on campus are red brick.

Fill'r up

Calico Critters kitties on the teeter totter

She seems to really love the blanket and broke it out for some visitors who showed up at our house for a visit and said "Look what Mommy made.....Car mat"  too cute!

Log cabin with snow on it.

Car wash

Mommy's work- Hospital with Helipad, now to find a helicopter.

Fire station

Mc Donald's

Cupcake shop and toy store

Dentists Office-thanks Brie for the cute Idea

Fred Meyer grocery store-a staple in Oregon


Cross walk and street signs

Ice cream shoppe.

I think I put in about 50 hours or so on this, I started around Thanksgiving (along with other projects) and finished in March! So if anyone wants me to make them one it will be a hard NO, but I will share the designs I create if you want just leave a comment and I will email you the link. I am hoping that my grandkids and their kids will have some fun with this mat in the future. It is really fun to see how much she love it and that makes all the work worth it.


Brie said...

I love it. I guess I will have to start Sals soon if I want to finish it before he graduates college. Lol. It's definitely a labor of love, and well worth the time you put into it. Question...did you use fusible webbing to iron on buildings or did you machine stitch each and every one?

Liz H said...

I used sewable iron on adhesive on all of the pieces and then zig zag stitched around everything. I used the adhesive to help hold everything in place

House of Purpose said...

This is beautiful, what are the dimensions? My daughters birthday is 2 months away and I may just be insane enough to try to make this in 2 months time....

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