Secretary Desk Redo

I love this desk, I may even steal it until my daughter is old enough to actually need a desk. But this desk is a LONG way from where we started from.....

This monstrosity is what it originally looked like!
I got it for $60 on craigslist, you can see the extreme chipping at the top where the desk pulls down, there was no handle to pull it open only a cup hook like this...

and had wooden knobs to pull out the drawer and the inside of the drawer looked like it had been broken and shoddily glued back together, but it had great bones, it was solid walnut and a tag said it was built in 1895 and even though it pained me to paint it (and even more so my husband) I bit the bullet and am really happy with the results.

First I sanded everything down to remove any lacquer or varnish then I wiped it down with Liquid Deglosser which I had never even heard of until I began following Young House Love. This liquid deglosser removed anything I may have missed and removed the sanding residue.

We also carefully removed the hinges to the desk front pulldown and the guides, took out the drawers and all the knobs, cup hooks etc.

This is the big crack in the base of the drawer which was not going to be fixed easily so instead my husband cut a piece of thin white plain beadboard from our dining room wainscoting project we had left over and made a drawer insert (more on that to come)

I also sanded the inside of the drawer and cleaned it up.
Since the front edge of the pull down was chipped I figured I would cover it up with some trim wood instead of trying to wood fill the entire edge for more long term durability. There was also some wood on the back holding up the top trim that looked like it had been chewed on or something, it had seen better days that is for sure. So we also gently pried it off and replaced it.

I purchased some really pretty Shabby Chic appliques from a shop on Ebay, you can see them on the front (rose garland), sides of the legs (rose and ribbons) center base (flower) and a few other ones. We also attached a decorative rope wood trim piece along the middle below the drawer.

We then painted the whole thing in Sunshine Yellow by Dutch Brother, I used Krylon Sun Yellow spray paint for all of the hardware including drawer pulls, glides, hinges, etc.

THe inside of both drawer were painted white and I put a cute little pattern on the white wood inserts that I cut out on my Silhouette Machine and lined up. Karsyn picked out the color and picked which shape she liked. I love the pop of color when you pull open the drawers.

I found this tear drop vintage drawer pull on Ebay as well as the drawer pulls.

Another cute little decal that was definitely necessary as the original key hold was broken and only a hole was left. This is only a decal not an actual key hole.



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