silver Felt case

This is what my silver server set from my wedding looked like a few weeks ago.....sad I know so after polishing them up I figured I would make them a simple felt case to protect them from the air and slow down the tarnishing process.
I had a felt case for a carving set and copied it with a little modification for the width of the cake server

Laid it out on the felt I would use

cut two pieces of felt, one longer than the other to fold down and prevent the utensils from siding out.

Left about 1/2 inch all the way around the outside edge and then marked where the center divider would be. I pinned around the bottom three sides (with right sides facing each other and the ribbon end sandwiched inbetween I sewed and then turned the case right side out (see below picture) then ran a seam down the case (about 2/3 vs 1/3 divided to make room for the server)

All polished up.

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Place server set inside, fold down long flap, fold in half and tie shut with the ribbon.


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