Tole Italian Metal Light Fixture-Redo

This is the adorable light fixture for Karsyn's new room, but it didn't start out this way.

I was inspired by Gus and Lula's post about the chandeliers she purchased for her children's room and fell in love with the flower chandelier for Karsyn's big girl room I am doing for her, I just had to figure out what it was called, who made them and where to buy it. After doing some research I figured out that it is a vintage Tole Italian chandelier and that they can range anywhere from about $100 to over $1000 on ebay and etsy! I was on the look out for one but didn't want to spend a fortune on it. I happened across one on Craigslist for $75! and it was recently rewired so I was very excited what a steal, I don't think the person who owned it knew exactly what they had.

After removing the lightbulbs and candlestick plastic coverings we covered them with cardboard and tape so no paint would get in and then made a makeshift spraypaint area in the garage after draping everything including the floor within a 10 foot radius just incase. I sprayed the entire thing white first to get everything the same color (it took me 3 coats) leaving it alone for about 12 hours inbetween coats to allow it to cure completely.

Then I used plastic sandwich bags (no zip top) and slipped them onto the flowers and taped them closed on the back side of each flower. I then sprayed the chandelier with a shamrock green spray paint. I used Krylon fusion paint for everything. I also did 3 coats of the green (thin and even-don't let it streak or drip). Once it was all dried and cured for several days I replaced the plastic candlesticks with new white ones from home depot for a total of $4 for 4 of them.

I contemplated getting some super cute candlestick covers from Kaarskoker like these

but I thought it would be too busy with the all green leaves and if the green colors didn't match it would look wierd. I also did test out making the polka dot covering out of Silhouette vinyl and then placing it on the candlestick which worked but again looked too busy and cluttered. So for now plain white it is.
What do you think, plain white or green/white polka dots?


Brie said...

My vote is to leave it plain white. You can always add polkadots later (= So cute!

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