Felt food website round-up

Here is a list of some great sites that I have found FREE felt food patterns on the web

Snazzle craft  felt sandwich and chips
Ikatbag  felt birthday cake w/ candles
Skip to my lou  felt doughnuts   felt brown bag lunch
Melissa Goodsell  felt eggs/orange slices
One Inch world  Bowtie pasta   tomato slices
Just Stuff   felt banana and corn
Little brown bird  strawberries  chinese take out box   felt woven picnic basket and you can also buy patterns from them
Craftster   chocolate cake slice   Tons of food ideas
Smashed Peas and Carrots   Cinnamon roll   turkey dinner
Maedchenmitherz   Felt cupcake
Weepereas  felt pancakes
Chasing marcus  felt pineapple slices
twelve crafts till christmas   loaf/slice of bread
The adventures of Jory and Jess  popcorn and chocolate bar
The petite cafe
Keeper of the Cheerios  also has several links to tutorials
Feltorama  felt ice cream waffle cone


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