How to transfer and cut out images with iron on adhesive

This is an easy way to cut out images you have drawn that you want to use wonder under or any iron on adhesive paper. This method has allowed my cutouts to look perfect and keep them sturdy for cutting and to prevent the adhesive from sticking to your iron or ironing board.

Draw or trace your image onto the paper side of your iron on adhesive. What is great is you can hold/tape the image you want up to a window or projector and see through the iron on adhesive paper to trace the image.
Roughly cut around the item on the iron on adhesive paper, you don't want to cut directly on the lines.

Iron onto the wrong side of your fabric or felt as directed by the package (usually 60 seconds on med-high/high)

Now cut directly on the lines of the image.
Peel off the back paper, turn image over onto surface you want to adhere it to and iron again as directed by the package.

Once it is ironed on you can leave it as is (if you do this use the non-sewable bond) or sew around the perimeter (use sewable bond iron on transfer or it may gunk up your sewing machine needle) with either a straight stitch (which works great for felts) or zig zag/satin stitch (for fabrics that may fray).

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