Sorority Quilt

I just finished this quilt from my old sorority T-shirts.....again....for the second time.

When I first made this quilt I was a definite novice I had never made a quilt and didn't own a sewing machine. I sewed everything by hand (which is impressive since it is a queen size quilt) but I didn't realize some of the things you should do when working with stretch type material (ie. Shirts).
I didn't back them with any interfacing. Needless to say the quilt was quite stretchy. I also don't know why I choose the fabric I did to block out the shirt squares, It is a very thin almost see through organza type material that I actually doubled to make it NOT see through. Plus this is my sorority quilt and our colors were wine and silver blue I don't know why I choose purple.
So I went searching for some tutorials on shirt quilts and came up with some great ones, I especially loved this one  and this one  so I went and got about 4 yards of Pellon Fusible Interfacing 906F and chopped up the quilt (I did manange to salvage the batting inside and reused it for the center of the quilt though)

Since I was repurposing the shirts from the other quilt they dimension I had cut the T-shirts into limited the shapes and sizes I had to work with so I used some left over red cordouroy for the spacer blocks and tried to do an every other alternating look between the small rectangles and the large blocks.

Wine and silver blue flower/tree backing.


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