Tangled Cake-Happy Birthday Mischa

This past weekend was a pretty busy one for us, between Easter, Easter bunny breakfast, a birthday party, visiting friends with a new baby and making a second birthday cake for another little boy (post to come) we had an action packed weekend. This is the tangled cake I made for my friends daughter. Last year I made her a princess Tiana cake from Frog and Princess (Seen here)....

This year she said she didn't want a doll cake she wanted the tower with hair she could eat. Fair enough. I was going to make the tower out of ice cream cones wrapped in fondant and the top out of rice Krispies but since I have had a crazy work schedule I decided to make the tower a few weeks prior out of non edible materials as the base and make the "meadow" the cake.

The tower was made out of a 12 inch piece of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe and a block of styrofoam (total price ~$1.50) I taped the styrofoam to the top.
I covered part of the PVC pipe with brick colored (and molded) fondant and then roughly wrapped the top and pipe with cream colored fondant. For the roof peaks I used 2 ice cream cones (one I broke down so it would be smaller)

The stand has a dowel in the center and is usually used to hold the didgeridoo we got in Australia but it worked great here.

I cut out a small party plate for the roof overhang

And then covered the whole thing with purple and blue alternating tiles from the bottom up just like shingles.
I also added a small chimney, german touches and black fondant for the windows.
The hair was made with a clay extruder and the birthday girl loved it!

The cake was white cake covered in white chocolate ganache (to seal in the moisture and prevent the cake from crumbling and to make the blue river. I then used my grass tip to make the grass (hand cramps anyone-yes) and piped leaves with the same color on the tower (which is a great way to hide some of the imperfections I didn't like). I cut purple flowers out of the same color fondant as the roof

Birthday girl-wanted to eat the hair as soon as I came in

The tower was super stable because my husband screwed a dowel from the bottom up that the PVC pipe slipped over. Didn't move an inch.

(I don't know why I can't get this picture right side up) but the kids started to eat the tower and the cones off the top.


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That came out great!!

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