Flowery Cake Pops

We are going to a BBQ this weekend, pot luck style. I love to bring the dessert of course and my friends love Cake pops, but since I have been busy working the night shift at work while a co-worker is out of town I used pre-frozen cake pops I have made a few weeks back from a left over carved cake.

This is a great "trick" for last minute desserts for summer BBQ's and to keep any left over cake from other projects from going to waste. After carving the cake I just mixed in a little bit of the buttercream frosting I was using to frost the cake and then shaped into balls. Place in air tight tupperware container with parchment inbetween each layer. Mine keep well in my large freezer for up to 3 months if needed.
When ready to use thaw in fridge for at least 4-8 hours then melt chocolate pieces in the microwave or double boiler until smooth.
Dip each lollipop stick into the chocolate then place in to the cake pop (repeat this step for all cake pops) then starting from the first cake pop (let the chocolate harden on the stick/pop) quickly dip each pop into the melted chocolate and tap off the excess. ***Don't make your pops to large or too "wet" with frosting mixed in or they won't stay on the stick when dipped.**** then Either place onto a piece of parchment paper to dry or use a piece of styrofoam if you want them to stand upright

I made the flowers out of fondant and dusted the centers with pink petal dust. Stick to the pops with a little melted left over chocolate.


Brie said...

Cute! Have fun this weekend.

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