Baby Shower Elephant Cookie Favors-Congrats Sally

The elephant cookies for Sally's baby shower were the simple favors we gave out. I used SugarBelles Sugar cookie recipe and I also used her royal icing recipe

To make these cookies look like they had 3D ears I first made the ears on parchment paper and let them dry completely.

I first drew the shape of the ear on paper and cut it out using it as a template to make sure I didn't make the ears too big or too small and verified it by laying it on an unfrosted cookie. Once I got the size and shape I wanted down I traced it on the underside of the parchment paper in pen (sharpie will work too)  Then I filled in the shape with white icing and while it was wet drew plaid lines on it so they would sink in to the icing and be flush.

I cleaned up the edges once they dried but you can be more precise and not have to do this. Once they dried I carefully peeled them off the parchment and started on the next step....flooding the elephants.

Outline and fill each elephant with the icing color of your choice and while wet place an ear in the icing and the eye (which is a black pearl sprinkle)

Let dry for at least 24 hours before wrapping in a cellophane bag.


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