Nap Time Mat and Blanket

Since my daughter started daycare a few weeks ago I decided to make her a sleeping mat/bag so she didn't have to sleep on the disgusting cots they have and hopefully prevent some of the sicknesses from coming home with her.

i found a great tutorial over at Prudent Baby and after spending about an hour agonizing over what fabrics to pick I came home and got started.  The tutorial is really easy to follow even giving me new ideas on how to sew straight lines like using the masing tape idea shown below to mark off 5 inch increments.

It was pretty hard to push all of that batting and fabric through my machine but the technique they used at prudent baby with rolling up the done end and securing with tape also helped a lot.

I embroided her name on the fabric before I put it together so it could be identified at daycare.

This can just be thrown into the washing machine which is great and the attached blanket won't get lost. It is about 5 feet long right now so she only fills out about 1/2 of it right now (even less when she curls up to sleep) you can see in the picture that the blanket is actually folded back and is much wider than the mat so it will cover her completely. She loves it so much she sometimes wants to have "slumber parties" at the house on it for night time sleep.


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