Sewing Tutorials & Halloween Costume

 Can you guess what Karsyn is going to be for Halloween?

I am the first to admit that I am not a very good sewer and am constantly learning new techniques and trying to improve on my sewing skills. My mom hated sewing with a sewing machine when I was a child and my sewing education was from 4-H for about a month in middle school and attempted to make a pair of ill fitting shorts. So since then I have been slowly learning as I go to create new and more difficult pieces with what little craft time I have. Some tutorials I have found helpful are below

Sewing terms and bias tape
How to make Coninuous loop bias Tape
Blind Stitch with a sewing machine
Shirring How to  or here
How to make ruffles
General Sewing tips  and tutorials
How to sew various seams


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