Owl Cookies

These owl cookies were made for a baby shower a few weeks ago along with an owl cake (More to come on that). I didn't have an owl shaped cookie cutter and didn't want to buy one so I dug through my cookie cutters and came across a birthday present cookie cutter

I pulled out the sides to make it a little more rounded and cut out the cookies.

I made the eyes and beak before I started decorating the cookies. I drew 2 different size circles on the back of a piece of parchment paper (2x as many as the cookies plus a few extra incase of mishaps) then I piped the black royal icing into the smaller circles and placed the white pearl sprinkle into them,then I waited for them to dry (~1 day) then piped the white royal icing into the larger circles and while it was wet I dropped the dried black circle into the middle.
I drew small triangles for the beaks on parchment paper and filled them in with orange royal icing.

To make the owl I traced around the whole owl on paper, cut it out then cut out the wings  so I only had the body. I used this as a template to draw with a food color marker (yellow) on the cookie to show where the wings would be. then piped an outline and filled in the wings. I used a toothpick to add texture. After letting that dry for about 30 minuts I flooded the body of the owl and dropped on the eyes and beak while they were wet. I also piped on the white feathers while the cookie was wet.
Then I piped 3 small dots for the feet and outlined the wings and body in pink


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