Reusable Snack Bags

Being from Oregon you are constantly surrounded by messages to recycle, conserve and save the earth. I have slowly started picking up different ways to do so in my day to day life as I can including increasing my recycling (which reduced my trash output thereby reducing my monthly bill...Hurray!), and I am even going to attempt cloth diapers with my second child (fingers crossed).

Since my daughter loves her snacks I got tired of how many plastic bags I was throwing away and her insistance on using a bag instead of a snack trap or tupperware was driving me crazy so I decided to sew her some fun reusable snack bags, some have PUL fabric inside which makes them waterproof, some are just plain cotton.

I used the tutorial over at Owen's Olivia and I have gotten really fast at making these.My co-workers are in love with them and I have made them a few as well (I traded one person help fixing my computer for a couple of bags-I am sure we each thought we got the better end of the trade!).

We took them to Disneyland a few months ago and they were perfect, especially on trips so you don't have to purchase or bring Ziplocs with on the trip.

All of them have Velcro instead of zippers so crumbs don't gunk up the zippers. I either turn them over and pull out the insides to shake out the crumbs or throw them in the washing machine to wash them. (Recommend washing them with the insides pulled out to get all the crumbs out of the inside corners.

 My daughter is now coming up with requests like making one with leaves on it. (see below)

(Inside of the tree bag)

Lemon slice bag with embroidered lemon the the front (I just drew a lemon free hand on a piece of paper and then cut it out and traced it onto the fabric with a pencil that will wash out).

Blue and Red polka dot cotton fabric with Red PUL Fabric interior.

I used PUL fabric in some bags and regular cotton in others and canvas in a few as well. The PUL Fabric is waterproof so it is great for grapes, sandwiches, etc (moist things)


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