DIY Computer Case

For my birthday my husband got me a new computer...YEAH!!! so I decided to make a paded case for it to protect it when I am not using it and also when traveling to limit the size of the case and to protect it from the bumps and bangs of travel.

I came up with the design after looking at several cases on Etsy. It has a button/loop closure at the top (zippers can scratch/damage the side of the computer) and velcro closures for the 2 pockets. I didn't use a pattern but did use the sewing tutorial from the reusable snack bags I made to create the lined look.

  • Measure the computer dimensions and added 2 inches on each side. I cut out the pockets the height I wanted (same width as the bag) and lining for both the bag and the pockets.
  • I also used 1/4" foam for the padding cut to about 1.5" bigger than the computer (0.5"smaller than the fabric)  cut 2 pieces or 1 large piece you wrap around (protecting the bottom.
  • sew the pockets-sew on the velcro (about 1/2-1 inch from the top of the lining) then sew the lining and outside fabric (right sides facing each other) only along the top of the pocket
  • sandwich each of the large pieces of fabric with the liner (right sides together) place an elastic hair tie with a large amount sandwiched between the fabrics and a small amount showing on the top edge and sew along the top edge only (I put a piece of teal cording between these layers along the top for a cute edge)-make sure you go back and forth a few times along where the elastic band is so it doesn't pull out.
  • Once the top edge was sewn open the large pieces up see this tutorial and layer the outside fabric with the two pockets then top with the other large outside piece of fabric having the 2 large liner pieces also laying with right sides together. Sandwich the cording between the two large outside pieces of fabric, lay the foam on top of the outer fabric (this will be pretty thick to sew on) or you can hand tack the foam in place after completely the below step prior to turning it right side out just to hold the foam in place
  • Sew around the entire outside piece and liner leaving about a 3-4 inch hole on the bottom of the liner piece for turning right side out.
  • Turn the piece right side out, sew the hole in the lining closed and then hand sew the button on in the location best suited for the elastic to keep a good grip without being too tight or too loose.

Unfortunately this is not TSA approved so I still have to remove the computer from the case when going through airport security


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