Ying Yang Bag

I saw a tutorial over at Design Sponge for a Ying Yang Bag that self closes when you pick it up and I fel in love! I decided to make one with what I had on hand which would be great for anything from beach trips to trips to the grocery store.

I plan on making a larger size bag (about twice the size of the one shown on Design Sponge) out of canvas and tracking down some leather strapping and rivets (best source I have found so far is Etsy) but was anxious to make one. 

I used a piece of ribbon for the handle.

Attaching the handle was the "trickiest" part make sure you attach them properly so the bag closes.

I love that the bag only has one handle to contend with. Since I used ribbon my ribbon is actually wider than  the grommets I used but it slides just fine.


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