Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Hi-Hat Cupcakes

My friend/neighbor Anita works at US Bank and had a fun cupcake wars competition for a work meeting activity. They had to bring 6 cupcakes and would be judged on taste and looks. The theme of the meeting was BE REMARKABLE so I tried to make some remarkable cupcakes. I had wanted to try this chocolate dipped strawberry cupcake over at A Cupful of Cake. I like her blog, lots of great recipes and lots of pictures, but being as busy as I am I like to take some shortcuts, sometimes break out the box mix and not make tons of dishes that I have to clean up so I adjusted the recipe a bit.

Burp Cloths

I have used all different types of burb clothes when my daughter was a baby, she had a bit of reflux and was definitely the spit up queen. I have made burp cloths out of cloth diapers and out of fabric sewn together in cute shapes -long and skinny with fat ends like a dumbell, some out of flannel, channile, cotton, etc but the ones I made out of flour sacks were by far THE BEST.

Baby Bibs +Free Patterns

Quiet Book--Road/Road signs

I used the free template and pattern found over at Serving Pink Lemonade and then printed off the signs onto iron on transfer paper and then ironed that onto white pellon material
***Note: you must invert the images if you do it this way or the words will all be backwards) you can also attempt to print directly onto a piece of pellon but I didn't know how my printer would do with this.

Quiet Book---Apple Page

This quiet book page is simply an apple that opens and closes to reveal the "insides" of the apple...

Quiet Book--Seasonal Tree

I used the free template and pattern found over at Serving Pink Lemonade  to make this seasonal tree with all of the different leaves and flowers for spring, summer, fall and winter=none. They are all stored in the "grass at the base of the tree that is a pocket.

Quiet Book---Barn/Finger puppets

Here is another quiet book page I made for Karsyn.
I used the free pattern and template for the finger puppets over at Homemade by Jill

Craft Room Organization

I have caught the cleaning and purging bug lately, my husband swears I am putting our lives up for sale on craigslist, but I am sick of the clutter so I have slowly been tackling one room and one closet at a time. Today it was my craft room and I am loving

Before...bins of wrapping accessories, fabric and party supplies

After, lots of extra space....hmmm what to put there???....Just kidding.

Before....file cabinet, wrapping paper, sewing machine case, and misc stuff on the shelf. I decided to get rid of the file cabinet, barely anything in there since we file all of the end of the year stuff in a tupperware in storage at the end of the year and I changed most of our bills and statements to the electronic versio.


and more room to boot!
Still a few things to tackle in the top part of the closet but much improved. I find myself coming in to the craft room just to look in my closet in shear amazement.

**A word of note, when I orginially measured for these I wanted them to go on the other side of the closet but I didn't measure correctly and they were too tall so measure twice before you get them home, built and then want to scream because they are too tall. Luckily they were the perfect size for the side they reside on now.

DIY Toddler Bed Rail

Hard to believe my little peanut is getting so big. She has been reluctant to be in a big girl bed and frankly I didn't mind keeping her in a crib for as long as she would stay there (and not climb out and mame herself) she has always been a terrible sleeper, tossing and turning, taking forever to go down so with the crib came the knowledge that she was safe inside and wouldn't wander through the house.

Baby Shoes

I saw this tutorial on Silhouette America's Blog on making cloth baby shoes with the Silhouette Machine and had to try it. I have also made some shoes with patterns from Sweet Pea Patterns

Crinkle Owl Baby Toy

I made a couple of crinkle toys for my neice and nephew for Christmas present this year and they turned out super cute. I was surprised to find out that the crinkly object inside was actually a.......

More Tooth Pillows

After I posted the tooth pillows I had made a while back my friend asked if I would make her daughter one and I figured why not make an "assembly line" and make a few of them while I was at it.

Doll House Stool/Seat

To go along with Karsyn's dollhouse table I decided to make her a little stool that she can kneal on or sit on to play since she is still a bit short to reach the center of the table, but not by much...the girl is TALL!

Reverse Applique

I made this cute little appliqued shirt by following a tutorial I found

Made in Oregon Onsies

Isn't this onsie cute!, Being from Oregon/Portland everyone knows of the iconic Made in Oregon sign with the reindeer

Hand Warmers

These are some great inexpensive handwarmers you can make with scraps of fabric, some rice, flaxseed, buck wheat or for the longest lasting heat-ceramic pie weights!

72 hour Emergency Kit

Living on the West coast I don't worry much about natural disasters, we don't have a hurricane or tornado season and wild fires and Earthquakes are pretty infrequent, but with all of the earthquakes occurring around the world in Haiti, Bali, and especially Japan I decided I should make an emergency kit for my house, and after the Kim family from San Fran got lost in the woods in Oregon a few years ago I decided having one in our car was a good idea too.

Pumpkin Strussel Muffins

I had a can of left over pumpkin from Thanksgiving and decided I would make some muffins to bring to work and to freeze for breakfasts in a hurry. You can either microwave them for 30sec-1 min or let defrost on the counter overnight or for a few hours.

Peppermint Cheesecake Redo

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