Big Girl Room Decorating

Here are some more pictures of the completed "Big Girl" room we did for Karsyn. I love the chandelier and the frame over her bed. I got the frame at IKEA and spray painted it a fun bright plum purple color. The butterfly art piece I actually made when I was in High school and since I am part Russian I did the matryoshka dolls art and cut of different fun fabrics and used puff paint for the faces and buttons on the dress.

DIY Trundle Bed

Here is my daughters "Big Girl" bed, she LOVES it, and wants to go in there and pretend to take a nap a couple of times a day, bounce on the bed and generally play. It was a labor of love for sure.

Happy Birthday Friends

I had several friends with birthdays this week so I decided to make a batch of cupcakes and share them with everyone. I made cherry cupcakes with cherry almond buttercream.

Monkey Cake and Cookies-Happy birthday Kaden

A friends son was having his first birthday. The monkey theme was picked by his older sister so I made the cake of course as my gift and contribution to the party. It didn't turn out exactly how I hoped it would look, but I didn't have time to make fondant since I worked 7 night shifts in a row and was pretty tired so I just made some chocolate ganache (the tan is chocolate ganache with white chocolate added into it) hence the rougher look to the monkey, but it tasted much better than fondant that is for sure.

I also decided to make some monkey cookies. The royal icing was not cooperating completely with me but they turned out ok and tasted good.

To get the shape of the face I used food writer markers and cut a template out of regular copier paper (but wax or parchment paper works too). I traced around the face and free-handed where the ears should go. I first used the tan icing to do the ears and face, Added the eyes (black sprinkle beads) while it was wet as I went then went back with the brown and did that part and the nose and mouth.

This was the cake I was going for.*Found it on pinterest*

The number one was a cookie decorated with icing and the banana was rice krispie treats molded to look like a banana covered in fondant, of course all the kids wanted to eat it. My daughter wanted to eat the nose (which was straight black fondant---it quickly disappeared when the cake was cut)

To make the cake shape I baked a 17x24 inch cake, drew the shapes I wanted on copier paper, cut them  out and then just placed them on the cake and cut around them with a knife. I used the excess cake trimmings to mound up the belly and face before pouring some ganache over the top to hold the crumbs in. Once the ganache set up more I used an off-set spatula to spread the rest of the ganache on the cake. The hardest part was doing in between the fingers. 

My little helper made a few of her own cookies, she really wanted to use the piping bag, but it was a bit much for her to squeeze so I put some icing on her paper and she put it on with a spatula and her finger. 

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