I Love Oregon Shirt Applique

I got some basic shirts at Costco and decided to spruce them up one of them I used a reverse applique technique and the other one I decided to just to a traditional applique technique.

Princess Sugar Cookies

These were the sugar cookies I made for the girls princess survival bags.

Princess Birthday-Happy 3rd Birthday to my princess

Sorry for the delay on this post, we have been swamped moving and packing up our house. We did manage to squeeze into all of that my daughters third birthday party last weekend. I found a great deal on a pampered princess salon party at a local salon in Wilsonville called L'Attrait it was great and the girls had so much fun.

Owl Cookies

These owl cookies were made for a baby shower a few weeks ago along with an owl cake (More to come on that). I didn't have an owl shaped cookie cutter and didn't want to buy one so I dug through my cookie cutters and came across a birthday present cookie cutter

Pumpkin Pops

I made these cute little pumpkin cake pops for my coworkers the other day. I didn't feel like making any frosting to pipe on leave and vines so I just used some chocolate candy covered sunflower seeds for the leaves.

White Pony Cake

I have been making cakes and cupcakes for the little girls down the street for a few years now. The middle child requested a white pony cake with a rainbow mane.

Halloween Decor

I made this cute little Halloween Decoration for our entry way table. I used 3 wooden letters from Michaels spray painted them green (in case the glitter wasn't solid the white wouldn't show through) I first put glitter on the sides of the lettes by painting glue on them and pouring glitter on. Once dried I then used spray adhesive and lightly sprayed the tops of the letters and put glitter on the letters. I then taped the letters to a piece of scrapbook paper cut out to the frame size (you can stiffen the paper with a piece of cardboard glued behind it..
Place your letter and paper inside the frame (do not use the glass for the frame)

I have done this craft in the past for Valentines Day and Christmas. I originally saw the idea over at Eighteen25 Blog  the best part is you can reuse the frame and letters and change things out.
Fourth of July-BOOM or USA
Valentines Day-LOVE  or I <3 U
Halloween-BOO or EEK
Christmas-JOY or NOEL
any other ideas out there?

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