Reusable Snack Bags

Being from Oregon you are constantly surrounded by messages to recycle, conserve and save the earth. I have slowly started picking up different ways to do so in my day to day life as I can including increasing my recycling (which reduced my trash output thereby reducing my monthly bill...Hurray!), and I am even going to attempt cloth diapers with my second child (fingers crossed).

Boxy storage bag

 I used this tutorial because it had lots of pictures, a good tutorial and it had two tabs on each end which helps when pulling on the zipper. I am going to use this bag to store electronics cords and ipod/ipad accessories (especially when I travel). The finished dimensions of this bag are only about 9"x6"x4" so next time I may make it a bit bigger.

Owl Cake

I was asked to make an owl cake for a baby shower a while back. After looking up inspirations I decided on the design you see below. The owl is make of cake (rice krispies work too) covered in frosting and fondant, which also helps add to the slices of cake to feed people. 

Halloween Costume 2012

So for anyone waiting on baited breath to find out what Karsyn's halloween costume was (from this post) she was Snow white!

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