Valentine's Day Envelope-Pottery Barn Style

Sorry I have not posted in a while, I have been on bed rest for the pregnancy and pretty tired in general. I will hopefully be better about posting in the future. I decided to make Karsyn a Valentines day envelope similar to one I saw in the pottery barn magazine.

I  followed this tutorial but modified it by sewing the envelope with my sewing machine (not gluing it) and then hand embroidering around the edges. I wanted to embroider her name on the envelope but couldn't find my embroidery machine for my sewing machine at the time.

I sewed the velcro on to the heart then sandwiched it with the other heart with the tip of the envelope in between the hearts. I also hand sewed the velcro onto the front of the envelope in the place the top velcro piece landed.  

I also sewed a piece of ribbon on the back from one top corner to the other top corner so I can hang it from the back of her dinner table chair.

I think I will make one like this for the baby.


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