Coconut Diaper Ointment

I am going to give cloth diapering a shot this time around and you are not able to use commerical baby ointments I started asking my friends and sister who cloth diaper what they use as well as doing some research on my own on the internet.  Most ointments that are made for cloth diapering are SOOO expensive (~$9 per ounce!) so I decided to make my own diaper ointment.

1/8 c Coconut oil(extra virgin) -blend until whipped cream consistency

¼ c raw unrefined shea butter

3-5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

(arrowroot or talc-free cornstarch for thickening if needed)

Whip the coconut oil with a hand mixer or stand mixer. Melt the shea butter (just until melted) and pour into the mixer as it is going. Drop the tea tree oil in and any arrowroot if you need it. Place in a reusable container with a lid (you will want a small jar for your diaper bag as well. You can get various size jars at local pharmacies for a small fee usually, just ask or mason jars work well also.

Coconut Oil is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.  Tea Tree Oil is also antifungal, antibacterial and has healing properties. The Shea butter and arrowroot help with thickening and keeping it all together. The shea butter also helps as a protective barrier against the acidic urine and baby poop.

Some great websites I found are here and here and here


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