Muslin swaddle blankets

I saw a Pin on Pinterest about DIY Muslim blankets (some of them like the Aden and Anais can go for $30+)
I made several types of blankets all using cotton Bubble gauze muslim from Joann's Fabric. You will need 1 1/4 yards per blanket (45x45 inches) I don't have a serger but that would be the easiest way to finish off the edges of the fabric or you can double roll and zig zag stitch the edges like I did. I dyed some blue and left some white.

                                                   Felt whale and embroidered waves

                                                                   We love Oregon

Dyed Ombre blue (I dyed this by dunking the whole thing into the bucket of dye and then slowly pulling the blanket out every 5 minutes about 3 inches)  
I sewed the all of these on a corner so that they would be visible when he was swaddled.


Brie said...

Super cute! Does Landon like being swaddled? sal sure did!

Liz H said...

Yes, he really needs to be swaddled it is amazing how quickly he calms down once you swaddle him. Karsyn also liked being swaddled but not as much as Landon.

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