Cloth Diapering

I tried cloth diapering with my first child without success but decided to give it another shot with the second baby for several reasons including: Health, cost, waste(less), cuteness.  This time I wanted to set myself up for success so I talked to several friends that have cloth diapered as well as my sister. There are so many ways to do cloth diapers that it is confusing to say the least.

For me (and especially my husband) the easier the better otherwise we will just revert to the disposables. I found my cloth diapers on craigslist and decided to go with the snapping pocket bum genius diapers, they came with all the inserts and doublers (I choose the snapping ones because most of the reviews said they lasted longer and than the velcro and held up better)

For breast milk fed babies you don't need to spray them off or pre-clean them at all just throw them in the washing machine and wash every 2-3 days (depending on how many you have) Babies can go through 8-12 diapers a day.  Once the baby is introduced to solids or formula I plan on using the paper diaper liners so that I don't have to spray off diapers or touch any yucky stuff (again-easiest method for us will equal success)

Cleaning Regimen:

During breastfeeding: After taking diaper off baby spray with Bac Out spray  if there is poop on it. If it is just pee just throw in the diper pail bag.

Wash every 2-3days, Pre-soak(cold water),Highest water level, Sanitary Cycle(Hot water), ¼ amount
of detergent, Extra final rinse w/ vinegar in downy ball (softens diapers/decreases odors), extra spin
cycle if needed

Detergents: (liquid!) HE compatible:       Bi-O-Kleen, Allen’s Naturally, Country Save, Mountain Green Free & Clear,  Rockin’ Green, Planet Ultra, Ecover, ECOS free & Clear HE

Dry in sun-can spritz with lemon juice to bleach stains or hydrogen peroxide

You Can “strip” diapers-if they don’t smell good-start with “clean diapers”=wash in Hot water/rinse in
hot water (no soap)
  • Add Vinegar for Hard water
  • Add ½ c baking soda to wash, then rinse as above
  • Add squirt of dawn soap to washer run on hot, rinse until no bubbles-especially if
  • repelling

**No bleach/fabric softeners/fabric sheets

A great website I found helpful was this one.


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