Felt Campfire and Smores

Just in time for summer, I made this cute little campfire for Karsyn (and someday Landon) to play with

I used this tutorial to make the felt campfire, smores and roasting sticks. Some of the pieces were handstitched and some were machine stitched.
The roasting sticks had a piece of velcro sewn on the end (the other side of the velcro was sewn onto the bottom of the marshmallow. I sewed a piece of tan felt onto the end of the marshmellow to look like it was toasted.

For the flames I freehanded the shapes of the flames on paper and then cut them out and traced them onto red felt,then I redrew a smaller flame onto the large flame, cut that out and traced it onto orange felt, then drew another small flame on the paper, cut it out and traced it onto the yellow felt.
I sewed three long coal pieces on dark gray then after lightly stuffing it I sewed across it in 2 places with the sewing machine.
I handstitched the ends with embroidery thread and then machine stitched the ends onto a piece of brown felt (Folded in half sewn down the edge) I left a small hole to turn the whole thing inside out, stuffed it and then hand sewed the hold closd.
Graham crackers were two pieces of felt machine stitched about 1/2 inch from the edge all the way around and down the middle. I then blanket stitched the edge and added random french knots.
The chocolate was two pieces of felt machine stitched.


Crystal W. said...

Super cute!!

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