Nursery Curtains-Gray Stripe

For the nursery I had a specific look in mind and couldn't find most of what I wanted so I made a lot of things from the gray crib sheets and changing pad covers, to the crib skirt and bumper, the rocking chair pillow and the art. 

 The original idea was to make the curtains and then paint the wall behind it to match (gray and white stripes) but so far I haven't done that, my husband doesn't think he will like it so I have been doing other projects until I decide to do the paint on the walls.

To make the curtains I used a white ikea curtain set and starting just below the top seam, sewed 10" strips of gray felt (it was the fabric I found for the best price and correct  color and because it was felt I didn't have to iron a seam under or worry about fraying). I measured with a yard stick and pinned the 10" strips leaving a 10" white stripe in between. I sewed top and bottom and sides of each strip about 1/4" from the edge of the felt.


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