Bank Toddler Game

This is a great game for toddlers and kindergardeners. For toddlers it helps with the dexterity of picking up pieces and putting them in the slot of the wipes container "bank" and for older kids it give them an idea about money and denominations.

I used a wipes container and pill bottle lids (unused)-you can ask for at the pharmacy. I hot glued 1, 5, 10, and 25 on the top of each lid then sprayed the pennies brown and the other nickels, dimes and quarters silver. After drying they were ready to go.
As for the bank I cut a piece of felt to cover the huggies label and then used puff paint to write bank on the top of it. I like the huggies containers I had because they had a piece of soft rubber on the inside lip where the coin slot is. 


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