Nursery Curtains-Gray Stripe

For the nursery I had a specific look in mind and couldn't find most of what I wanted so I made a lot of things from the gray crib sheets and changing pad covers, to the crib skirt and bumper, the rocking chair pillow and the art. 

Cloth Diapering

I tried cloth diapering with my first child without success but decided to give it another shot with the second baby for several reasons including: Health, cost, waste(less), cuteness.  This time I wanted to set myself up for success so I talked to several friends that have cloth diapered as well as my sister. There are so many ways to do cloth diapers that it is confusing to say the least.

Felt Campfire and Smores

Just in time for summer, I made this cute little campfire for Karsyn (and someday Landon) to play with

Chalkboard inside medicine cabinet

I found this cute idea over on pinterest and decided I had to do it in our new house. So I bought a can of chalkboard paint and a mini foam roller and got to work. You need to shake the can of chalkboard paint really well before use. I used blue painters tape (1 inch wide) and taped all the way around the perimeter to make a nice boarder. Put down a drop cloth because using the foam roller can cause splatters. Paint 2-4 coats, drying in between then carefully remove the tape. Once it dries for at least 24 hours you will need to take a piece of chalk and rub the entire surface with the side of the chalk. Wipe this off then its ready to use.

New Home

Our new house

This is the outdoor kitchen area in the backyard we painted the exterior of the doors and the spiral stairs and got new furniture for out back, moved some pots and plants around and did some general clean up.

DIY Bumper Pads

With my first child I had a specific look I wanted for the room and splurged on a bumper pad from Pottery Barn. This time around I knew I wanted to make my own and customize it, not only was it cheaper but it was one of a kind.

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