Cheshire Cat Costume

I have been gone for what seems like forever I know I have been busy with a new home, a move, 2 kids, new jobs and life in general. I love doing this blog but sometimes you just aren't feeling it. So I will be posting in here again but probably not on a super regular basis. Chasing 2 kids around and working as a pharmacist doesn't leave me much time to post on here.

This was the Halloween/Disneyland Costume I made for my daughter. The inspiration came from a dress I found and fell in love with on Etsy but didn't want to spend the $250 for a little girls halloween costume/play dress.
To make the dress I bought a dress pattern I liked from Jo-Anns then I measured 7 inch stripes on the pattern and cut it into pieces (carefully labeling each piece with a number) when I cut out the fabric for the dress I added 1/2 inch to each side for seaming. I also changed out the bow tie on the dress to an actual mens tie pattern that was striped diagonally for a better kitty tail (so it was actually 2 men's ties-one on each side of the dress to make the bow in the back). The ears were sewn onto a headband.

 Here she is at Disneyland as the Cheshire cat. It was a great trip.

Inspiration (found on Etsy) but look at the PRICE!!!!!


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