Framed Mirrors

I have always wanted to do this project in our last few houses and finally convinced my husband to give it a shot. He was always worried he wasn't skilled enough to make the frames look nice and not homemade. But we tried it on one mirror and loved the look so continued the look with the rest of the bathroom mirrors. The project cost us about $100 total dollars to do 4 large mirrors (my mirror alone was 8 feet x5 feet!) I pre-painted all the wood with the same trim paint we have for the house then my husband measured and cut the wood (cut 45 degree angles on the corners). We used contruction grade Liquid Nails glue (in the caulking tube) and taped the wood to prevent it from moving while it dried. After 24 hours I removed the tape and there you have it.

For my mirrors I only had the small metal strip on the bottom holding up the mirrors that I had to contend with and it wasn't raised enough to interfere with the wood being glued down. I have seen other tutorials like this one or tutorials where they changed the plastic clips to washers and flat head screws.


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